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After a short pause that was spent in search of the ideal location, Bandanna is back!

We are pleased to announce the opening of our restaurant in Mykonos!

Situated along Glyfada Ano Mera and nestled between the dreamy Ftelia Bay and the authentic village of Ano Mera, our “rock-faced castle”, naturally integrates with the Mykonian landscape and is easily accessible and in close proximity of everything.

We look forward to welcoming Bandanna’s friends as well as, new clientele, in order to introduce our wonderfully delicious and authentic Tuscan dishes, including the inimitable Calzone Dolce R, right here in our little slice of paradise, on Mykonos Island.

Come and join us. We are ready for a fantastic Summer together!

“Bandanna!…where happy moments and memories are created and shared!”


A successful idea: The best of Italian cuisine giving you
healthy food, good wine and a fantastic atmosphere. Chef Gian Luca Barlucchi founded Bandanna in 1994. Together with 3 other pioneers, one simple idea was brought to life!
In 1995 the Restaurant was up and running in Kalafatis, Mykonos. The success was immediate and in few years the Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria became “the place to be!”.

All the fantastic recipes and perfect pizzas were soon the top dream of every food lovers. The scent of the burning olive wood in the bright fire in the oven, the passion for natural and simple things like the flour and water, the pleasure to work the pizza dough with your hands had conquered everybody. The “magic dessert” (so it is how the Calzone was renamed) filled with melting chocolate ad mascarpone cheese, opened the doors for a all new way to end better a great meal.

Chef Gian Luca Barlucchi

Feeding your curiosity, your senses, your desires, I seek to satisfy the hunger of your mind too. For those who have no fear to try new games or genuine experiences, to satisfy the pleasure of surprise, discovering and exploring the unknown.
To achieve this, I question the logic of the gastronomic world, rethinking the social habits and prejudices. I seek to create a context where diners give free reign to their senses in order to overcome the imposition of customs and delight all your senses…

I love to feed our minds

The incredible Calzone Dolce®

The wonderful story of Calzone Dolce® the original Bandanna dessert that has conquered Greece


Coming soon

We are preparing something special for the future:

Advanced Culinary experience, Mediterranean, Asian, Indian and African culture meet together…

Two and a half hours around the world without moving from your chair, and through a journey of 15 creations, together we will weave a tale of stories, gestures and emotions around the table, and release flavours, textures and aromas that you will enjoy and feel using your hands to stimulate all the senses and to evoke your deepest primal pleasure.