our tale
All the fantastic recipes and perfect pizzas were soon the talk of every food lover. The scent of the burning olive wood in the bright fire of the oven, the passion for natural and simple things, like flour and water, the pleasure to work the pizza dough with your hands, had conquered everyone.

1994 – The Beginning

Chef Gian Luca Barlucchi founded Bandanna in 1994. Together with 3 other pioneers, one simple idea was brought to life! In 1995 the Restaurant was up and running in Kalafatis, Mykonos. The success was immediate and in a few years the Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria became “the place to be!”.

1996 – Taking Off

Clients were flowing in. Seeking the good food and great atmosphere that they had been looking for, for so long. From a little barn, to a renowned summer hotspot!

1998 – Fly High

You couldn't visit Mykonos without experiencing Bandanna at least once.
The place became an important outpost for many celebrities, as well as inspiring writers with new fictional extracts to be included within their novels.

2003 – Writing History

The esteemed Calzone Dolce gets recognised as one of the best desserts ever. From north to south and beyond, it conquered the palates of countless aficionados.

2009 – Gallo Nero

They couldn't get enough!
To satisfy the crowds during the winter months, while also getting closer to their homes, we conceived Gallo Nero. Collaborating with Park Hotel Athens, the new addition found its home on Alexandras Avenue, Athens.

2011 – Bandanna Tourlos

A fantastic location for a new conception. Being in close proximity to Tourlos beach, our friends could now have their favourite food & drinks while sunbathing and partying in the golden sand.

2020 – Together Once More

After a short pause that was spent in search of the ideal location, Bandanna is back! We are pleased to announce the opening of our restaurant in Mykonos! Situated along Glyfada Ano Mera, nestled between the dreamy Ftelia Bay and the authentic village of Ano Mera, our “rock-faced castle” naturally integrates with the Mykonian landscape.